Antifreeze help needed please

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Antifreeze help needed please

Post by Toddman »

Probably been done to death and my question might seem silly but.....
I have 3 valvers to drain and refill with antifreeze and a C3 vtr

Been cleaning up my spares shed and very happy to use some Mannol in my valver but I have a question about some Autochem red antifreeze.

I ordered some Chill Factor a while back knowing it was good in PSA engines but what I got was Autochem red and after a heated debate with the supplier ended up keeping the Autochem.

The supplier was adamant it is the same as Chil Factor but I can find no useful data on the Auto chem and no mention of it being suitable for the PSA engines, in fact GSF told me it was no good for the C3.

Can anyone offer me any advice about the Autochem please?

Please call me Luke :)
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Re: Antifreeze help needed please

Post by Tinkley »

No idea about Autochem specifically, but have been running the 'pink' or 'red' antifreeze on my 1.6 BX for over 10 years now, split 50/50 with Deionised water. No problems, system is clean as a whistle, verified when had to drain rad to fit new fan switch, reused all the anti freeze mix, bar literally a teaspoon of the stuff, which had a minute trace of dirt. I've changed it over once as it is supposed to be good for 6 years or 150k.

Have used the 'green' and 'blue' anti freeze stuff too. The key is that the systems must not be mixed, so flush completely if changing.
If GSF say it is not suitable for a C3, surely they should say why? Something to do with aircon?

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Re: Antifreeze help needed please

Post by Kitch »

Pah! You lot stuck in the 20th century still using water in your cooling systems!
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