Damaged Auto Gearbox & Parts For Sale

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Damaged Auto Gearbox & Parts For Sale

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Hi all, I realise that I have not been on here for a while, anyway after getting some time off work, I have come across the Auto gearbox that was removed from my (now) BX 4x4, years ago. I was going to try and rebuild it, but I realise I am never going to have time and it won't fit the 4x4 drive system, So someone on here suggested selling it for parts.

I have everything for it, including the flywheel, torque convertor, pedals & selector.

Last time it was driven, it was rough going up gears and occasionaly locked up while making a horrible grinding noise while shifting up, then when I parked the car up it lost all forward drive, although it would still engage reverse.

I don't know anything about these gearboxes, therefore I don't know if it will be easy to fix or not. I believe the torque convertor is OK, as are the rest of the parts.

I don't really want to scrap it all, when someone might be able to use something out of it.

It will have to be collected from east Manchester ether in the evening or at weekend as I am busy the rest of the time.

I appologise in advance if I don't respond quickly as I don't get much time to look on here.

£20.00 or make me an offer.
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