BX GTI clutch lever pin fell out

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BX GTI clutch lever pin fell out

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'88 GTI - imported from Netherlands to Texas - needs lots of cleaning and rust control. I was looking down into the engine, saw the clutch lever and cable, and moved it by hand. A cylindrical pin, about 2 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter fell to the ground, and the clutch pedal went to the floor. I've searched all the parts catalogs I could find on various BX sites, but don't see this arrangement. Does the pin go into the lever where it enters the gearbox? A rather puny spring is connected to the end of the lever and hooked over a flange. Don't see the point of that.

I'll post some photos if someone can recommend a good site for that - Photobucket? Can an Administrator give the ok for posting photos directly?

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Re: BX GTI clutch lever pin fell out

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The pin falling out is pretty common, or used to be. It is a hardened piece of steel so a quick fix with a 'normal' steel rod won't last long. You should have a BE3 gearbox? Anyway one of these links below should give you some direction. Do you still have the adjuster with fixed and locking nut?

http://www.eurocarcare.net/gearbox-part ... m-pin.html

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PEUGEOT-CITRO ... 1942282589

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-PEUGE ... PIN-212037

You can e-mail these guys for advice, and check you are getting the right bit. It should be a plain shaft with domed ends, but needs to be for a BE3 g/box. I only have the ball and socket release arm type (with BE3 box) not the cross fork type which is perhaps more common. IF I remember right the length is somewhat less than 2", I seem to recall 43mm, but stand to be corrected. If hard pushed an 8.8 or 10.9 grade bolt could be modified to work.... :wink:

You should see the mounting arrangement on one of these links, in the drawing. It runs between the clutch cable end link arm and the release bearing arm, just a spacer that you adjust to suit. Hence you should have the adjuster shaft already. Note, it is outside the the gearbox housing for accessibility and adjustment. It also lets you mount the whole system ie clutch cable, if you are replacing it., without undoing the large 22mm? or 24mm? bolt head under the plastic cover forming the link pivot.
Correct adjustment is to get light firm contact but not actually moving the arm. The main reason they fall out is the clutch has worn out, or release bearing, or actuating fork bushes have disintegrated, and is beyond normal adjustment. But they can also wear a bit on the pin in the cup too. Something to check every 30-40k or so.

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Re: BX GTI clutch lever pin fell out

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There may be a bigger problem lurking. The puny spring is there as a back-up, but the tension in the system should hold it in place. You may have a problem with the clutch itself or clutch cable or pedal mechanism.
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