Whats yours called

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Whats yours called

Post by ken newbold »

I was driving along the other day when it suddenly occured to me all my cars have been called Bes or Bessy. :) From my first Austin Maxi to my present XM.
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Post by jeremy »

Wife's ZX 1.9D is called 'Precious'



Post by M »

The Xantia is called Mandy after its first set of plates (MDY), the white BX was (and still is) called Vera (named by a previous owner) Except by Joanne who called it "that f***ing heap of S**t".
The red BX has yet to have a name bestowed upon it and the black ZX was called Rubina (after an Yngwe Malmstein song).

The white ZX and green AX were called "fit to burn", frequently.

I had a fiesta XR2 once called the Flying Bloodclot, and a ADO16 called Christine as the bloody thing was possesed. I dont think I really named any of the other cars - all my bikes were named Zen-Da (after the book Zen and the art of Motorcycle mainainance).

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Philip Chidlow
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

In my car-owning time the only car to have a name was a 1961 F••d Consul DeLuxe called Ezzie - after it's ESE number plate. Most of the the time differentialting is done by colour! My BX is 'The Silver One'!

A friend of mine had a Pug 205 called 'The Shed'. Says it all really. :D
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Post by Ian_Fearn »

It seems only right to give a 2CV a name. My last one was called Didi and my current one is called Madame Rouge as she's a red and black Charleston.

My last BX was called Jumpy as the front struts used to stick right at the bottom and then jump!

My last Cavalier was named Rene (not the french pronunciation though, Rene as in the name of your grandma!) as the number plate was 'RNE'

I used to have an Astra called Arial as in the mermaid as she was sea blue.

My current Xantia and BX dont have names, they lack a certain character some of my other cars have had!
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Terry Brooks
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Post by Terry Brooks »

My BX is "The BX",my 2CV is "The 2CV" ....my four bikes are The "Orange'un" the "Black 'un" "The Green 'un" and "The Little 'un" ..['cos it's also green but smaller than "The Green 'un"] .....
Although from time to time they are all refered to as "You B*****d" ....ie "Start You B*****d,Start" :twisted:
The other occupant of our garage [SWITBO's Daewoo Matitz] is refered to as "that f***ing thing" or "my car" ......I'll leave you guess who calls it by which name ...I'll just add that the only time I ride in it is when I'm too drunk to drive,ride or walk.
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

Mines called the white thing or the hooligan, though SWMBO calls it my baby! my previous GTI/TD was for some reason called Horace :?:
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Post by rob-bx16v »

my red 16v is called scarlet (as in scarlet o,hara gone with the wind!!!)
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Post by sleepy0905 »

Mine is yet to be bestowed a name. :D
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Post by adamskibx »

My first car, a very knackerd £60 Dyane was called Dyane1, my second, a 2CV never got its name as I only had it a week then it was stolen, my third car, a Dyane cote D'Azure, was called Dyane2, my third car, a BX14 was called Bridget (after a friends mum to wind her up i think lol), my 4th car, a BX19TGD estate was Toms and Berties old car, and Tom had named it Passes-Partoit (Passes everything?!?), and my 5th (the Merc 190E, never got a name), and my current car (BX19GT), is called Sunny Vista, after a song that seems to suit its character very well.

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Post by DavidRutherford »

The only cars I've ever had that have had names have been my 3 X1/9's, and that was only because they had the name on them as a badge: Bertone. Hence the first one was Bert one. The second was Bert two, and the third... well I'm sure you can guess.
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Post by Vanny »

very simple naming system for me im afraid!

Firstly country of origin
then first letter of the reg
then male or female, usually determined by the owner and thus;

the Freg bx19rd, French, clearly a woman wearing beige and always sulking, was called Freda.

The current car is a Jplate, french and most certainly the most complaining difficult female car and thus bears the name Jaz (short for Jasmine), though many now call her either Chritine (stephen king) or Jesus (its had more reincarnations)

The rents have a blue Spanish made AX N-reg called Niguel (or Nige for short), and a new Picasso which officially is yet to be named but i call it Darren or 'the bus' (Reg starts DAZZ hence dazza or darren)

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Post by cavmad »

My Merc is called `my baby`, my first recovery truck was called `breaky` (due to the amount of cars for spares I collected), my old white TGD hatch was called Cilla the Citroen, the `new` BX estate is called Sid (or Sydney) and my second recovery truck was christened `Super Breaky` by my little princess.
Haven`t thought of one for the BX GTi or the new recovery truck yet though.
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Post by Mr B »

My old 2CV was called Albert after the town on the Somme in Northern France. It was my first drive in France and that's the place we stayed at :P

The new BX was at first named the Green Goblin (from Batman) as it's very green and it seemed to have an evil streak as little niggles and minor but irritating faults kept cropping up. A finger pointing session and a threat of being driven in the dock cured it :twisted: :wink:
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