Reading Error Codes

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Reading Error Codes

Post by TZI »

Forgive me if there is already a post about this but I used to read the error codes on my TZI by connecting a wire to a plug under the bonnet and shorting it to earth for a few seconds and then counting the flashes of the K light (a process detailed elsewhere on this forum).
However by accident I found that I could read the codes from the comfort of the drivers seat just by using the ignition switch:
Turn on the ignition then turn the key a little further until all the dash lights go out (except the ABS light) - but not so far as to engage the starter.
Hold the key there for just over 3 seconds then release.
The K light will then flash 12 (test start) which will be a single flash (1) then a gap and two more flashes (2).
Turn the key again until the dash lights go out, hold again for just over three seconds and then release and count the two sets of flashes.
Keep repeating this until you get 11 (a single flash, a gap and then another single flash) then that is the end of the test. So if nothing between 12 and 11 then you have no errors. A long list of numbers between the 12 and 11 might mean some homework.
I read somewhere that any error code is deleted after 20 engine starts but to clear the codes, after turning on the ignition just hold the key with the dash lights out for over 10 seconds.
Whilst my TZI car runs fine I have had error code 31 (Wrong fuel/air mixture) for a while now which I am just living with.
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Re: Reading Error Codes

Post by frog »

This is amazing!
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Re: Reading Error Codes

Post by Kaapelimies »

Works for some models, some not. I have 3 19TZi's and one of them does the trick.
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Re: Reading Error Codes

Post by Vanny »

How awesome and over looked is this function! Never heard of it until now, and it work on my 3row BX 16Valve. No faults stored though :(

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Re: Reading Error Codes

Post by Tim Leech »

Wow I have a 19TZi and had issues with the K light staying on, will try that
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