Antirokk bar links

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Antirokk bar links

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Hi all.
I need to replace the front ARB links on my 1.9 tgd estate. No probs regarding jacking and supporting but unclear as to the suspension position. Do i just put the lever in low then proceed after a cuppa or do I need to open the bleed screw as stated in Haynes? Could anyone advise please?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Antirokk bar links

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Can't remember to be honest Mike, but I've taken them off in scrap yards, spend at least 10 mins per side cleaning the exposed threads with a wire brush, the cleaner they are the more likely they'll come undone.
No need to mess with the pressure screw, seem to remember keeping the suspension on high untill you've got the nuts off, then lower it down with the car supported on stands.
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