Time to pull apart my baby BX

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Time to pull apart my baby BX

Post by m_2975 »

Hi Guys,

The time has come that this weekend I am doing some major work on my baby to make it ride as well as it looks.

The rear arms are dry and result in you getting a sore backside when you sit in the back.
The front struts squeak, knock and jerk all the time (even when you drive).

The front brake discs resemble pieces of tinfoil and there's about a tinfoil thickness of "meat" left on the pads.

The spheres are off a BX16V and ARE AS HARD AS A ROCK, which is not what a BX is about.

I have

Therefore this is my list of things to do with the parts that I have on the shelf.

- I have all new barrels to go in the door locks so that I only have one key and I have a new ignition lock.

- New front brake discs and pads

- New front suspension struts

- Overhaul front and rear hight correctors

- Replace rear suspention arms

- Fit brand new genuine soft MK1 spheres all round

- Fit 2 new aloy wheels

- Fit four new tyres

- Paint and fit new rear spoiler

- Replace front and rear bumpers with new ones and paint

- Install new left hand drive shaft (with ABS sensor grooves)

- Install new clutch cable

- Install rear speakers

If that's not enough here's what i've done in the past 12 months:

- Install new clutch

- Install new engine and gearbox mounts all round

- Install new mufflers

- Install right drive shaft (with ABS sensor grooves)

- Replace timing belt (uses a Xantia series 1 8valve timing belt???)

- Replace inlet manifold gasket and various hydraulic hoses

- Install new steering wheel

- Install new CD player and speakers in front doors

- Install car alarm and engine immobiliser


Hopefully I will get all of the things on my list done and then I can park the car in the garage and take it out on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon.


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Stewart (oily!)
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Quite a list you have there Michael, its time for my annual test tomorrow so I have been busy checking it all over, last week I fitted new discs and pads at the front and after a few hundred miles the brakes are finally like a BX, the old ones werent worn out , just contaminated, I still have rears to fit as well as the door cards that came with the leather interior, I had to replace the fuel lines, the caravan shop had copper pipe in exactly the right sizes :) , get the inner wing welded and a few other bits and pieces, now Im going to give it a wash as I am pulling a few days sick leave.
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Post by cavmad »

Quite some work there gents! I`ve got next week off and have just ordered a brand new caliper in the sincere hope my BX estate will pass it`s test.
The GTi can then (hopefully) have a thorough clean and polish, as will the estate.
I will then experiment fitting the aftermarket alloys from the 4x4 to the GTi and the GTi wheels on the estate.
The current dark coloured GTi wheels suit the GTi though as it`s black and look sorta mean at the moment. I might look a bit too bling with silver/chrome alloys though so I`ll see by putting two chrome alloys on one side and leave the other as is.
I was going to ask `er indoors as she has great taste-after all she chose me :lol:
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Post by Barnsley BXer »

Billy,the silver alloys look great with black
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Post by cavmad »

Cheers Dean, can`t wait to try them out!
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