BX Spotted in Split, Croatia

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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BX Spotted in Split, Croatia

Post by jamescarruthers »

Saw this poorly bashed BX on the harbour at Split, Croatia. Other side not caved in. Parked next to, I think, a life boat or coast guard, so could belong to crew.

Loads of oldish stuff (mainly Mk. 1 & 2 Golf's and a few Renault 4's battered but preserved in the decent weather) so hoped to see some old Citroens too. This is the only one so far!

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Re: BX Spotted in Split, Croatia

Post by Kaapelimies »

A friend of mine has a 4WD near Zagreb. Had no chance to visit his place last year when I went to Croatia with my 2CV, but maybe some day!
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