*For Sale* Marmite 16V

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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*For Sale* Marmite 16V

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I’ve owned this car for 13 years and despite thinking I never would, I have finally outgrown it.

I would much prefer to waft around in my automatic Jag that take this screaming Banshee out.

That’s not to say I don’t still enjoy taking it out for a good thrashing every now and again, but I’m just older and more sedate than I was a decade ago. So, it’s time to pass the gauntlet.

Before I go any further, let me just point out that I started the project of transformation on this car nearly 10 years ago. The original plan was a howling track monster, but life, kids, jobs, marriages got in the way and the project stalled for many many years. I finally came back round to it last year and completed it just a few months ago. Anyway, because I am now older and wiser, I decided when completing the project that I would tone down the finished article so it would still be a useable and reliable road car. So, that is what you have here, a daily useable drive with all the looks, but factory performance (ish). I

f what you see isn’t to your liking, seriously, why have you read this far?

Please PLEASE: Before asking me any questions, ask yourself if the answer is already written here. I’m a nice guy in person, but I REALLY lack tolerance for people who would rather waste my time asking a question that’s already been answered, than bothering their own arses to read ALL THE INFORMATION. Now, I’m sure that if you’re the sort of person that IS really interested in buying the car and you have sufficiently deep pockets to pay for it, I’m sure you’ll be happy to fully read and contemplate what has (probably at the time of writing) taken me hours to type...

Here we go............................................

I bought it in completely standard guise in 2004 with its original registration G495AOW. I have its full and concise history, every receipt, back to 1998. I added the G16VBX registration myself in 2007. The personal plate G 16V BX is included, I was offered £700 for this last year so it's worth a few quid.

It is fully road legal, currently taxed, MOT’d (May 2017) and insured. The car has done 95,000 certified miles, though that is scarcely relevant as almost every part has been replaced, rebuilt or refurbished.

It’s impossible to list everything, but here’s just SOME of the NEW parts fitted (not reconditioned or used) in absolutely NO particular order:

All wheel bearings

Radius arm bearings & grease nipples fitted

Petrol filler retainer

Hydraulic Pipes

2x OE oil filters for flush & refill

Roll cage padding


Full Head gasket set

Headgasket bolts

Hardy disc

Ancilliary drive belt

Hydraulic drive belt

Full timing belt kit including 2x tensioners

4x Toyo Proxes T1-R tyres

BBM Engine mount bushings (all)

OE Distributor cap

OE Rotor Arm

Main fuel pipes

Greenstuff Front pads

Ultimax2 rear pads

OE droplinks

OE ARB bushes


Track rod ends

Complete Track control arms & all bushes

Lemforder Lower ball joints

Safety Valve

Height corrector refurb kits

OMP 6-point roll cage

TRS rally magnum 3” 5 point harnesses


High volume Oil pump sprocket & chain + 6bar relief spring & plunger

CV boots (Inner & Outer)

Injector Seal kit

Millers 10w40


OE Front strut leak-offs

4x suspension Spheres

Accumulator Sphere

4x Grooved brake discs

Air filter

4x Plugs

OE water pump

Camshaft seals

Crankshaft seals

Magnecore HT leads

Cam cover Gasket

Valeo Clutch

Caliper Refurb Kits

Hand brake cables

Full Silicone coolant hose kit

Full Silicone Oil breather kit

Recon Parts:

Manual steering rack

Full rebuilt Driveshafts

Used parts:

Sabelt Chronos Seats

There is SO SO SOOOO much more, there are receipts galore, a history file to die for. I have spent thousands and most of the receipts are here.

The engine has not been modified, it has been partially rebuilt and fully serviced. It runs exceptionally well, and needs nothing. Ultimately, this REALLY saves on the insurance.

It was dyno tested when I first bought the car literally as it stood in 2004 at 150bhp (printout included). In it’s current state of fettle, I am fully confident all 160 of it’s horses have returned to the stable. And at 967kg it moves!

The only drivetrain modification is the fitting of an n/aD gearbox. This was partly through necessity as the original 16V gearbox spat it’s final drive out and partly that it makes the car quieter and more driveable over longer distances. Realistically, YOU wouldn’t notice the difference if I didn’t tell you, but the original gearbox can be supplied complete with a replacement bellhousing which needs fitting before it could be fitted back to the car. Obviously, the diesel gearbox does help a little with fuel economy if that sort of thing bothers you.

I have removed the Power Steering in favour of a more dependable and better feeling Manual rack, in doing this, much of the unreliability of it's associated hydraulic components have also gone leaving just the suspension hydraulics & the brakes. This is a much simplified system.

There are new XM 30/0.5 spheres fitted all round, these give a firm ride without being too harsh and as a first choice I think they turned out to be a good all-rounder.

You’ve got BakerBM group N engine mounts, Full silicone hoses (Coolant & Oil breathers) being fitted this weekend - £600 worth! Upgraded brakes all round, stunning refurbished period wheels with new tyres (I can include a set of original speedlines but they will need a full refurb).

A fully plumbed in mechanical twin-nozzle engine bay fire extinguisher, plus a hand held in the cockpit.

Proper 3” WRC standard Harnesses.

The car has only done 500-600 miles since completion.

It has been dry stored by both myself and the previous owner (right back to 2002), in fact, it has only gotten wet once since 2007 – overnight at the Citroen National show this year at Huntingdon.

It is EXCEPTIONALLY rust free (due in the most part to the above), NONE of the usual areas, the rare exhaust hanger is fully present and it has NEVER been welded (apart from the fitting of the cage).

Could you convert it back? Yes, but you’d need a full donor interior and make a decision about the sunroof hole.

The bodywork and paint is extremely good (underneath the stickers), there are only a couple of very minor scratches. The front bumper has some damage at the bottom leading edge but it only notices up close.

I could go on forever but I’m tired!

IF (that’s a big IF!) I’ve not mentioned something, please do feel free to ask, I’m happy to fill in any blanks or omissions.

My FULLY DECLARED "Modified Classics" specialist insurance is £95 per year with no mileage limit and an agreed £3500 value. But, I'm old with loads of NCD.

Sales TERMS:

The car is located in mid Cornwall near Newquay. Arrangements can be made for me to deliver it as far as Exeter, St Davids Station. Obviously, financial arrangements would need to be made well in advance. You may have the car collected by transporter if you wish or you can of course collect yourself. In all cases I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU VIEW THE CAR BEFORE YOU COMMIT ANY MONEY.

IF you are over the age of 25 and can provide verifiable proof of insurance you may have an accompanied test drive. This means Fully-Comp insurance for THIS car (not your 3rd party extension). Otherwise, you will need to have 3rd party insurance AND put an envelope containing the full purchase price in cash in my hand before you drive. (Oddly, a spotty 18 year old thinking his 1.1 Paxo’s insurance will cover him to drive any car isn’t good enough), it wouldn't cover for the damage to my car should you crash it!

In all other cases, I will personally take you out on a run. (You wouldn’t just let any Tom, Dick or Harry loose with your pride & joy would you)???

Payment will have to be by Cash or a full cleared cheque.

WARNING: A friend of mine sold a caravan to a Bulgarian guy for £2900, paid in full in advance by Paypal. 5 months later there was a full £2900 chargeback to his account as the Bulgarian claimed it was a fraudulent payment. My mate lost the lot. Ergo, I will not accept Paypal for anything more than a small non-refundable deposit.

Equally, a similar chargeback system has been introduced for BACS (FPI) payments, meaning you just have to tell your bank you accidentally sent it to the wrong account and you can have the money back. This is the “NEW” car sales fraud gimmick.

Penultimately, the price stated is what I would like to get for the car. Should you wish to make me an offer, that is up to you, I may even consider it. But PLEASE don’t ask me what my “minimum price for cash” is “mate”, I will simply direct you to the price above. And no, I won’t swap it for a PSXboxOnestation thing and your 206 Quicksilver, so, again, please don’t waste my time. I’m not selling it because I need the money, I really don’t. Quite frankly, I COULD just put it back at the back of the garage for another 10 years. I’d just rather see it out there being enjoyed, just like I used to enjoy it.

Lastly, thanks for reading what I have had the energy to type, but I really do think the pictures say it better... It’s been a hell of a ride!
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