OSR LHM leak and loose sphere

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OSR LHM leak and loose sphere

Post by Retrofrench »

Evening guys, some help needed please! My BX 16TRS failed its MOT today. Binding rear brake and there is a leak of LHM fluid from the OSR. Had the car up on the ramp and we could see up to three small pipes, 2 of them clear, they look like they should be joined? Some small brittle plastic connectors fell off as we were looking. Any ideas? I also noticed that the sphere assembly on this side was loose, could be easily moved by hand (not unscrewed but physically moved). I've added pics to the Facebook BX page, not sure how to do it here. I use this car virtually everyday. I will be in Shepton Mallet and Taunton over the weekend if anyone is able to offer/recommend anyone.

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Re: OSR LHM leak and loose sphere

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The sphere/cylinders will be loose when there is no weight on the car, as in it's up on a lift. Only the weight of the car and rust holds them firm.

The two clear pipes are only low pressure returns from the rear end to the reservoir, can't remember how or where they are joined but you could use rubber pipe as a temporary fix.
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Re: OSR LHM leak and loose sphere

Post by rutter123 »

Im guessing the leak on the o/s/r is from the return pipes which sit just above the rear beam, there is a rubber "Y" connector up there which breaks up, this can be replaced with a 3mm plastic Y piece and some short lengths of 3mm rubber tubing pushed onto your existing plastic pipes then just tuck it up out the way above the rear beam. Washer jet tubing and connectors should do the job they are only low pressure returns.
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