BX TZD estate with leather and spares

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BX TZD estate with leather and spares

Post by ken newbold »

BX 1.7tzd Estate for sale. It's an M reg with 11 months MOT and a good leather interior. PLUS enough BX spare parts to sink a battleship, literally!

The price is £500 non negotiable.

The car itself is no oil painting, much of the paint is faded and laquer peeling, but the engine os good, doesn't use oil or water and starts first time every time. Obviously it's not mine but it is in Wakefield and you would need a BIG van to shift all the spares. There's everything from pipes to front struts, pumps, FDVs, calipers, rads, seats, rear arms with good bearings and ABS sensors i, exhausts, you name it!

I did take a picture of the car this afternoon but stupid phone doesn't seem to have saved it :(
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Re: BX TZD estate with leather and spares

Post by DavidRutherford »

Could be very tempted by this.

If you do manage to get some photos, do please put them up....
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