Bx 17TZD body shell - Open to offers

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Bx 17TZD body shell - Open to offers

Post by womble3go »

Here is a Bx 17TZD body shell. I will put up or send photos to anyone that wants them, once I've taken some.

I was going to rebuild this car but with time and family it's just not going to happen. The car was complete till a year and a half ago but was parked up for 4 years, with it up on blocks so the air could get round and it was still dry inside. It was moved under cover where the dismantling was done.

There is rust in the main areas, starting at the front, both front inner wings at the top and to the front, drivers side under the valance, both sills need work (passenger side worst), 2 areas where the back seat and boot meet, one area on both sides in the inner boot wings, and both sides under the rear light units into the wing and under side.

The area where the rear sub-frame mounts are is in good order, most of the outer shell is good. The rear sub-frame is still in so it can be wheeled around. The doors and boot are still on but I'm in 2 minds about keeping them for spares. The wiring loom is still in but other than that the rest has all been removed.

There is a V5 to go with this as well and the car is SORNed. Depending on what I am offered there might be other parts available as well. If people think that I am wasting time here and she should be put to sleep please let me know!

Please ask any questions, and I will post photos soon. The car is at SY10 – Oswestry, Shropshire. Feel free to give me a call, 01691 776384.
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Re: Bx 17TZD body shell - Open to offers

Post by Kitch »

I think you're definitely wasting time asking money for a rusted bodyshell, yes. You'd be lucky if someone took it away for free, and will probably have to pay the local scrap man to pick it up.
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Re: Bx 17TZD body shell - Open to offers

Post by rutter123 »

I still have the shell of the t/d breaker sitting in my paddock, no one is interested in taking it away-even if I pay them, I think the only way to get shot of it is to cut it up into small pieces and take it to the tip bit by bit.
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