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On Saturday I took my first delivery of locally produced Biofuel (80p a litre in 25gallon drum).

I have to say I'm not happy with it as the engine cut out on me twice within five minutes, once in the middle of the road when waiting to turn right! It happens when cold and the revs drop when foot is taken off the pedal to brake! Also the piston percussions are louder on starting plus blue smoke for a few seconds which has never happed before even with my previous experiments with biofuel!

I will report back when I have contacted the allusive supplier who wasted the best part of my day waiting for him to arrive! Said 10am - was late afternoon when he arrived.

The filter was drained but no evidence of water - next job change the fuel filter!

Anyone else had this experience? Geoff
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Can I ask what proportions you are running? Is it straight biofuel? Or do you have diesel in the tank too?

And what's the make-up of the biofuel?

Could be worth doing a visual check for viscosity - if it's very cold up your way, it may be too viscous to flow properly.

You may need to adjust your idler to compensate.

Certainly when I used SVO:diesel 30:70, there where a few issues around hunting, but it never cut out.
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Wow very surprised, my fleet are running beautifully on the same stuff, hows your fuel filter Silverfox, some biodiesel suppliers recommend that you carry a spare element as it can flush a load of rubbish out but thats a bit too quick, i would check your sediment trap, my old one used to do that when it was running on water, even cheaper but far less effective :)
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