Glow Plug Relay Wiring

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Glow Plug Relay Wiring

Post by Dragon Man »

Hey guys, My BX is almost ready for the road. theres a few issues still, one of which is the glow plug relay wont "do anything" when the ignition comes on. no dash light or even power to the plugs.

i have it all plugged in bar 2 cables as i just cant find where they go. one is a thin brown cable with a eye crimp on it and the other is a blue (i think) with a black spade connector.


any suggestions guys?

Thanks, John
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Re: Glow Plug Relay Wiring

Post by Jaba »

Well how many leads have you got plugged into the relay, there should be 6 of them. The schematic shows a brown lead from connection #2 to earth so maybe thats one of them. Can't see any blue leads listed though there are some with black sleeve shown one of which powers the light and relay so it looks like that might be the missing one.
Basically you should have 3 live connections coming in, one from the battery permanent live block and two from the ignition switch.
The live for the glowplug light also goes to the stop solenoid so any power there ?
Hope that helps.
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