£6000 for a 16v engine6000 for a 16v engine

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£6000 for a 16v engine6000 for a 16v engine

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Surprised this hasn't shown up on here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-BX16- ... 2288374475

A tad optimistic perhaps? And why not list any details of the car?

Just an idle thought and not something I recall being discussed previously (or would advocate!), but as it's likely that 16vs will continue to be broken for their engines if the bodyshell was good could an alternative engine be transplanted into it? 16v engines are obviously a commodity but so are good bodyshells likely to be.
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Re: £6000 for a 16v engine6000 for a 16v engine

Post by Kitch »

I think he's probably slipped and put an extra zero on that.

16v's aren't as desirable for their engines anymore, as the 205 GTi is now worth more as an original car. As the 'Modern Classics' phase kicks in, having tidy original cars will be the order of the day (hurrah, that's what I love!) 205's with Mi16 engines fitted are now being returned to original spec. The demand for BX 16v engines has tailed off dramatically in recent years, and I expect it to decline almost entirely. The values of 16vs have shot up because demand is now outstripping supply, which scrubs them off the list as a donor car (unless they're really, really shot, and that does happen as many were left to rot in bushes as there was no real value in them).

The RS lump in the Xsara VTS/306 GTi-6 is more sought after, and now the VVT ES10 engine in the 206 GTi 180 and C4 VTS is in banger territory too, so those are more desirable still. In fact, as a donor car, a 405 Mi16 or a BX 16v is probably the most expensive donor you can buy at the moment!
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