Another first time BX failure

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Another first time BX failure

Post by Jaba »

I have been investigating why the rear screen heater was inop. First thing was the soldered on contacts on both sides had come adrift, easy to fix I hope. Then I noted there was no 12v on either side and the switch did not illuminate when clicked on.
So I had to delve into the voltage distribution board behind the glove box. Uughh what a mess of spaghetti. Eventually I found that although the HRW relay was working the 12v in pin had no voltage sometimes. Further, I found that if I pressed on the cover underneath the relay pin then the 12v would appear. So that's a failed board, never had to change one of those before.
Looks like a fun job, 5 rows of up to 6 connectors to unplug and replug under the dashboard and it cannot be done 1 plug at a time as there is no space. Fortunately the board has a colour coding system to help place them all back in the right place. I guess its unplug from the front and replug from the back. Heres a few photos in case you are not familiar with this particular piece of BX design sophistication. The first one is of my replacement board.

DSC03649 (Large).JPG

And here are shots of the viscera with the aforementioned colour coding dots visible

DSC03652 (Large).JPG
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Re: Another first time BX failure

Post by Rosieuk »

I think the quote goes something like:

"rather you than me..".

If you can split the grey cover casing it might be possible to find a dry solder joint or something like that. When you say you press the casing is that on the front side (ie where everything plugs in) or the back of the whole thing (ie firewall side). If it's the latter the connector might be a bit slack and a couple of dabs of solder on that particular connector (on the relay) might fix it by making a tighter connection because of a thicker pin.. Just a suggestion.

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Re: Another first time BX failure

Post by KevR »

I had a similar problem when trying to track down why my radiator fans didn't work - turned out to be no 12V to the relevant relay on the board. In that case I just added a switched feed to the appropriate outgoing wire. Took me bloody ages to track it down in the first place though.
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