BX 1.9 TGD Estate, Silver, 1993.

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BX 1.9 TGD Estate, Silver, 1993.

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It's time for the old BX to go (as well as a 1968 Morris Minor 1000). I'm knocking on a bit now- nearly 84- and eye problems mean I'm not driving any more and it's time to throw in my spanners. The car was in daily use until 4 weeks ago- she's now SORNed, but is MOT'd to the end of March '18.

Bad news out of the way first:
There's a bad LHM leak- this is quite possibly a pipe dislodged during the recent re-fitting of a water pump, but I can't see well enough to work out what's going on under there, dammit.
Rear arm bearings will need replacing soon.
Several dashboard lights not working- will come with spare binnacle and new bulbs.
Driver's side window needs attention- doesn't sit quite square in the runners.
Scuffing on roof, otherwise bodywork pretty good. Oh, apart from a bit of damage to NS rear wing, on wheel arch.
Glove box doesn't have a door.
Some pulled threads on the upholstery, and a hole in the fabric on the driver's seat.

The good stuff:
7 months MOT.
Several parts fitted within the last 4000 miles- front anti-roll bar links, steering swivel joints, alternator, OS handbrake cable and cambelt kit, including water pump which developed a fault and was replaced 4 weeks ago.
Tyres in very good condition.
New 5lt can of LHM which would hopefully get you home!

Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire. 165,000 miles. £250.
Interior pics to follow.