Sunroof leaking

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Sunroof leaking

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I'm new to BX ownership, bought one last week and i've been enjoying driving it but the sunroof is leaking.

Firstly i've blown through the tubes to make sure they are not clogged up, it was still leaking after this. The rear passenger side seemed to be the worst. Now i've pulled down the headlining and noticed that the rear drain tube loosely pushes into the tray, rather than being sealed in. Is this correct or should it be held / stuck into place?

Thanks for any pointers it'll be nice to enjoy driving it without it being like a swimming pool :D

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Re: Sunroof leaking

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Logic suggests it should be reasonably firm but it is a long time since I repaired a BX sun roof so I cannot be sure. However, there is some very good info in the link below. You may have blown through but it could still be there is a blockage forming sufficient to back water up.
Interesting it is the rear passenger side too as you will see.

Take a look at the info here
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Re: Sunroof leaking

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The bx sunroof is designed to leak into the head lining, it is not a watertight seal on the sunroof glass itself, leaking into the car is usually a sign of the 4 drain tubes becoming blocked 2 to rear and 2 to front corner pillars, access to these drain tubes is via removal of the rear light clusters and removal of the front trim panels in the sides of the front footwells, a clear plastic tube of approx. 1/2 inch diameter is what you are looking for. once located just simply pull them through the aperture and blow up them and this should dislodge any debris blocking the tops of the drain tubes.
This is a common problem and I tend to clear the tubes on a yearly basis otherwise rust issues are inevitable if not already prevalent, you may need some long nose pliers to pull the tubes through as access is a little tricky.
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