New BX in the house

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New BX in the house

Post by St.Eve »

Hey there in the UK (and anywhere else)!

My Name is Steve (surprisingly) and i just registered in this forum to be in touch with other BX'-Enthusiasts.
Right from the start - please excuse my grammar and typo, i am german and not that good in english - but i will try my best, please be tolerant with me at this point.

Where was i at - introducing myself. I am a early-30s German and i use to work at french cars as a mechanic, thats my job. Sadly i am more specialised at older (D-Model, 2CV) and younger (C5 I-III, C4, C3, and that smaller rubbish) than in BX, CX and so on. So i hope you could help me out sometimes.
My car - its an late BX Series II, one of the real light ones - a 92' BX14TGE. I don't know if there was same labeling used in the UK, but TGE means like "there you Go without Extras", so its completely "naked". Sometimes they called this "Classic", which pretty much do it. No powered windows, no powered steering, no rev-counter (they blessed this car with a clock instead which could be watched from the guy 3 cars behind you, that size of clock), and yea - pretty much nothing. It has a stereo with 2 doorpanelspeaker in it, and thats all.
But i just wanted it that way - a pretty lightwheight car that is. And it has the later 1360ccm Engine in it - TU3M, i love that engine. Its easy to maintain and easy to tune. But i want to retrofit some extras afterways, and thats why i am here, too. I need some help with that.

Anyway, i checked some topics and found some things that was very useful for me. But - mostly because of my lack to understand this worldwide used language - please don't mind if i ask some things that may be already solved here.

So - i want to fit a "Kombiinstrument", maybe "gauge panel", in my 14. Mine has nothing except a speedo, some "its too late"-lights for oil and water and a very unmotivated fuel gauge, except in turns, that gauge love turns, it happily waves then. I got myself a "GTi"-panel instead. It has a gauge for everything, water and oil temperature, oil level, and a fuel gauge which seems to be taking its job honestly. I was wondering they didn't installed a gauge for earth-rotation-speed or humidity in it - but wait, there wasn't any space left, that explains it...
Anyway, i want to get that rpm-gauge to work and i am pretty sure that this is possible (as i saw a video on youtube with this, retrofitted). I am also pretty sure that i have to take a signal from the ignition coil plug (which has 4 wires), and i am pretty sure too that there is a connector already installed in the fusebox next to the left knee. If anyone could help me out here - you would make me very happy.
It would be a nice-to-have to get the water- and oiltemperature gauge working, too. There are already 2 sensor installed at the thermostat housing - i wonder if i could use or replace one. Sadly, none of both is connected to any wire at the moment. So the yellow "you are f*ucking the headgasket" and the red "great you fucked the headgasked" lights are not working anyhow. And the oil-temperature should be fine with a retrofit sensor in the oil sump outlet. But - how to wire this?

Well as i can see i wrote a lot, and thats not even everything, but i think i should stop for now. Just as germans are - speaking 1000 words but saying like nothing.

Just a quick picture of my 14TGE/Classic:


Thank you everyone, cheers
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Re: New BX in the house

Post by Kaapelimies »

Yes you have a connector ready through the bulkhead, from the fusebox to the engine room. As I recall it's brown with about 8-11 pins. In the engine compartment, near the battery there should be on white 3-pin connector that connects nothing. Here you connect the original blood, erm, oil pressure sensor, tacho and the oil temp sensor. If you can get a GTi engine wiring loom, it would be a peace of cake. I think the brown connector inside has the rest you need (the original head gasket lights and other signals from the engine), the other end of the loom is under the battery. The only big one.

Btw, I have only been playing with "big blocks" (1.6-1.9 B/D), so your mileage may vary on this info.

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Re: New BX in the house

Post by rutter123 »

New bx in the house? My wife insists I keep mine in the garage.
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