RH Drive Shaft Removal

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RH Drive Shaft Removal

Post by Ricky5 »

Can anyone please tell me how to remove the complete right-hand drive shaft from a Bx 14 petrol model I'm stuck at the center bearing stage

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Post by Way2go »

Havent done one of these but centre bearing info is on page 8*3 of the Blue Haynes Manual.

"4) Undo the two intermediate bearing nuts then turn the screws half a turn. The driveshaft can now be withdrawn from the differential housing and the intermediate carrier then removed. (see illustration)"
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Post by DavidRutherford »

which translates as:

Spend several hours on your back undoing the two nuts on the hockey-stick bolts, one flat at a time, and then rotate the bolt to move the head out of the way.

Push on the driveshaft a bit. Realise it's siezed in. Hit the driveshaft with a hide-face hammer in the hopes of moving it a bit.

Realise it's really quite stuck, and use the copper face.

Still not moving. Make a punch from a length of tube, to press on the spacer by the inner race of the bearing. Hit gently.

Hit harder.

Beat seven shades of sh!t out of it.

Notice that it's *just* begun to move.

Continue beating the life out of it, moving about 0.5mm per hit, until all of a sudden it releases, and the driveshaft pops out of the gearbox.

Remove head from stream of oil from differential, which you forgot to drain beforehand. (this is optional)

When you're reassembling it, it's well worth cleaning up the bearing outer and the alloy housing with some fine sandpaper, and then putting coppergrease on the outer of the bearing. That way it'll come apart next time!
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Post by Mr B »

Priceless Dave! :lol:

Every word true :wink:
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Post by Vanny »

rotate the retaining nuts by 90 degrees!

NOT a half turn (180) or anything else, it must be 90 degree turn and it doesnt matter which direction. (ideally anticlock for the rear most and clock wise for the furthest forward). Once there in the right way a tap with a cold chisel on the bearing race should see it moving, if its not check those bolts again, if there not right you'll never get it to come out!

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Post by ernst stavro blofeld »

Drain the box, pull the entire aluminium housing and replace the lower engine mounting while you are at it. Takes longer, saves inevitable injury.

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Post by RichardW »

I laughed at Dave's post too... having spent nearly 2 hours trying to get the driveshaft out of my mates 306 HDi - couldn't shift the bolts, so went for the big hammer approach. Which in retrospect, just made things worse :cry: Eventually after a bit of judicious wiggling and hammer tapping the bolts popped out easy as (don't you just hate that?) They were like bannans (OK so we had made it worse, but they must have bent before. Mustn't they :oops: ?).

On the upside, the bearing wasn't seized in the housing, and we didn't wreck it by hammering three shades of shite out of it :lol: