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Post by Oscar »

Machine Mart sell this bituminous undercoat. Has anyone ever used it? Any experience?

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The spray stuff? Used it on me LandRover, good stuff but you can't paint over it.
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Post by jeremy »

One theory is that its better NOT to use the butumastic goey type underseal as a rustproofing.

The reason is that while the stuff resists stone chips etc - its very difficult to repair when it gets damaged. If you use something like hammerite or other metal finish (not necessarily a hammered finish) you can easily rub it down again and repaint.


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Post by Ian_Fearn »

I've always used the Waxoyl Underbody Seal, comes in a black tub.

I've heated it up and sprayed it with my compressor as well as painted it on with a brush.

Its seems to do the job but i always keep an eye on the bodywork so when it needs reapplying it gets done.

I've heard very good things about Dinitrol's underbody seal too but i've never EVER seen it for sale anywhere local.
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Post by richard »

My local Halfrauds were selling the dinitrol range last year. I bought some of the underseal/ cavity wax in an aerosol can. Seems quite good, only time will tell.

I popped in again on monday, but they no longer sell Dinitrol, most likley it did not sell as it is more ££££ than any waxoyl/hammerite product!!!

I too use the hammetite with waxoyl underseal, and have done for a few years.