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Digit Help

Post by Binx » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:45 am

Hi All,

I haven't been active here at all really as I have travelled around a bit,
I have three BX currently, two in Ireland -1984 19RD and 17TZD Break 1992.

And my daily driver since March in Austria which is a 1986 Digit,

I have a few technical questions I hope some people here can help me with,

I have an oil leak, I think it is gearoil it is all over the area just below the gearbox breather.
I have put a pipe from the breather a distance away and isolated it as being the cause.
I have also replaced the gearoil and measured the quantity out as just under the two litres specified...
The LHM level hasn't changed since I got it.

I think the leak is very small but a little oil goes a long way on clean ground...

Is there an Oring on the gear selector? can it be easily replaced?

any other suggestions as to source?

I have got the German Digit manual someone posted previously which is great help,
However I have a couple of small wiring issues,
the mechanical trip meter stopped working a few months ago, the digital one is still reading fine for speed and distance,

Are these a common part to give issues?
Any Ideas?

The fuel flow meter also worked when I got it, but now does not read, I have checked with an oscilloscope and got no pulses when driving,
Before I pull it apart does anyone know what the supply voltage to the sensor should be?

There is something on the Dash pictured in attachment, anyone know what it is exactly? how to wire it in?

I don't like seeing scotchlocks on wiring and I tried to clean the wiring up on the car when I got it particularly around the Speedo-pickup (of which there are two on my car? only one in use)
I am hoping I have just wired something back incorrectly....

Any help or information would be most appreciated!

Also I am curious how many other Digits are around?
What is this?
Fuel Flow sensor
Dashboard View
gearbox top view

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Re: Digit Help

Post by Jaba » Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:44 pm

Oil leak: I am not familiar with the digit gearbox but the be5 box on most BXs does develop a leak from the selector shaft on the top which lifts up and down when selecting gears. This shaft has an oil seal and at least one o-ring. It looks as though your box has a similar seal. It can be replaced by removing the link lever, be careful that the selector shaft does not drop into the box. The seal can be levered out slowly and carefully as it has a metalring which is larger than the actual seal and keeps the seal in place, just work around the seal easing it up as you go. I can see this in your picture.
I am not sure about your other digit questions, certainly I have an opinion on possibilities but this might not be helpful to you so I will leave it at that, for the moment anyway.
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Re: Digit Help

Post by Binx » Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:40 pm

Hi Jaba,
Thanks for your reply!
The Digit is the same as a 19GT with a few extra electrical options, I am not aware of any differences with the gearbox,

I will see now if i can order the seal from local Citroen people here...