Not heard from Indonesian fellow bx'er

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Not heard from Indonesian fellow bx'er

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Over the last few weeks I have been in touch with a chap who contacted me through the forum, he is from Indonesia and owns one of just a few BX's on the Pacific Islands, he goes by the name of iCal his full name is Faisal Arafin, usually I get a fairly quick reply to any correspondence but have heard nothing since the Tsunami hit the islands early Saturday morning. This could just be a matter of Comms being down as I'm getting no reply via watsapp or email, if anyone else has been in touch with iCal please advise.
My fingers are crossed that he is not caught up in the catastrophe that has again hit the Islands.
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Re: Not heard from Indonesian fellow bx'er

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I hope all is OK with him and his family. Terrible tragedy over there, if he does get in touch let him know we are wishing him and his countrymen well.