refitting pedal cradle- help!

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refitting pedal cradle- help!

Post by tim »

OK, we had the known problem of woolly acceleration, leading to a quick peep at the throttle pedal mount on the cradle - yes, it was moving as they all seem to eventually, and I managed to remove the cradle OK with a bit of wiggle. The crack was developing from the bottom as they do, so I got the local garage to weld it up and put a little brace in.
At the same time I removed the pedal pin and cleaned/copperslipped it, making the pedal twice as free as it was - point to note for everyone perhaps? Then homewards for an improved BX.

Instead.....I can't get the bracket back over the cable inner! It is nearly there but needs another inch of slack which I ain't got. The rubber cable support holding plate is held to the bulkhead by two 8mm bolts - one I could reach, the other I can touch but can't get a socket on it due to the clutter surrounding it.. Trying to remove the manifold is also a dead end,as again, there is so much crap around it that I can't get an Allen key into the lower two bolts. If that came off, I would probably have access OK. I have spent an hour trying all the ways in and have lost all the skin off both sets of knuckles. Out of ideas and in need of advice and Bandaids. The cable is obviously disconnected but there doesn't seem to be any way of increasing the length of the inner - or is there? If I had an Allen ratchet-mounted then that might work. But I don't. (Insert allen first, then add wobbly bars etc. to taste).

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Re: refitting pedal cradle- help!

Post by rutter123 »

The easiest way is to remove the top engine mount and tip tthe engine forward this should give you enough room. It is a very fiddly job esp on a turbo diesel or 16v
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Re: refitting pedal cradle- help!

Post by womble3go »

When I need to get the brake unit out as it was leeking I did as above and removed top mount and then pull the engine with a ratch strap which held it forward as well. It gave good access to. Might have take the intercooler off as well just to let the light in a bit.

I also had a broken pedal cradle, so changed that at the same time.