Hard starting BX19 GT

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Hard starting BX19 GT

Post by pepo1 »

I'm a newbie to Citroens. I recently bought a BX19 GT because I just love the look of it. It runs well, but the only problem is that it's SO hard to start if left for any length of time, even the next day come to think of it. Apparently, you're not supposed to give it a pump of the throttle before starting it unless it's really cold, which it rarely is here in Auckland, NZ. Is this normal for this type of car? With any other older car, you'd just hop in, pull the choke out, give it a pump and off you go. But I apparently have to just sit there without doing anything except turn the key. Any suggestions would be welcome. I don't want to fork out on new batteries and starter motors too often.

EDIT: It is an automatic choke. The engine just turns over endlessly until finally, 10 minutes or so later, it fires. It runs fine at that point.
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Re: Hard starting BX19 GT

Post by Jaba »

A few things to check are: is the auto choke working properly to richen the mixture a bit when the engine is not hot.
Does it start more easily if you floor the accelerator pedal. If it has a manual choke then is that adjusted correctly.
I presume it restarts easily when hot.
Just a few thoughts which might help you a bit.
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Re: Hard starting BX19 GT

Post by saintjamesy89 »

My GT can be a bit tricksy with cold starting too. I've had my carb rebuilt and cleaned including a new autochoke kit, but it is still out of adjustment and so can be tricky to start.

I always pump the accelerator pedal a few times before starting, and if it REALLY won't start then I hold the pedal to the floor when starting. These methods usually work, but in my case I have to keep the accelerator pedal depressed a little to keep it running for 20 seconds or so, or it'll stall again! The joys of an old autochoke...

Edit: to properly adjust the autochoke, without using guesswork, you apparently need a special tool (made only for this purpose) whioch of course is as rare as hens teeth and all that.
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Re: Hard starting BX19 GT

Post by Tim Leech »

I would invest in a carb overhaul kit, sounds like the auto choke isn't working

I have a GT as-well, and it takes about 10 seconds of cranking when cold, but when warm it fires up instantly.

Much better since the rebuild.
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