Shims for rear trailing arm

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Shims for rear trailing arm

Post by frenchy »

Know these are nla but hoping just the same, looking for the shims to be used when replacing rear trailing arm bearings.

Have tried Rob Moss, Doug Weston and many Citroen parts suppliers. Does anybody have any for sale? We are hoping to do the bearings on Saturday.

I am in Coventry at the moment, Really? is in Oxford and we will be working on the car in Bicester so would be able to pick up if not too far away.
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Re: Shims for rear trailing arm

Post by Jaba »

I am not sure that they are essential. Their function is to get the right amount of endfloat on the bearings.

If you fit the bearings without shims and tighten the throughbolt in the arm off the car and it is not too stiff to turn then there is nothing to worry about unless there is too much endfloat and even then a small amount of play will be hugely better than the worn out bearings you are replacing.
You may find you can reuse the existing shims if you want to. But always check the setup off the car before refitting.

This is what I have always done and they last for years as long as you pack the inner plastic sleeve with runny grease to keep the new bearings lubed.
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Re: Shims for rear trailing arm

Post by rutter123 »

Agreed with Jaba, I've rebuilt loads of rear arms and never felt the need for shims, with new bearings spacers and central steel tube fitted all the "slack" should be taken up.
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Re: Shims for rear trailing arm

Post by Kaapelimies »

I have measured the needed distances, and always the endfloat has been good _without_ the original shim, when using all new parts, including bushings. If you mix, your mileage will vary. And, old chaps working with machinery, say the endfloat sould be 0 in this kind of bearings, instead of citroen telling 0.20 (or something like that). Just if it's too tight it will kill the bearings in no-time.
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