Cars and parts for sale.

Advertise your car for sale here. No parts or eBay spots in here please.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by JayW »

Near Newquay Gary.
I have zero patience for your tedium.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by JayW »

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I have zero patience for your tedium.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by Warren Nel »

Hi Jay.

How much would you want for the TGD? The one with the engine that needs to be fitted.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by jamescarruthers »

I agree with you on the Facebook front. It allows more retards to be able to contact you. I just stick to the forums myself also. 

Good luck ?with your sales if they work out, with your back and future cars.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by deltic »

Hi Jay, I can sense your frustration and I guess there are certain things that get each of us wound up in this way, mine is litter, feet on train seats... And I can understand the frustration of working on old cars with a bad back - both painful at times!

I'm not on any social media including Facebook and I suspect from comments on here by not doing so I occasionally miss out on certain (positive) things. I cannot advise you how to deal with the idiots, trolls and keyboard warriors other than trying to ignore them (hard I know!). From my perspective however this forum is the one I've enjoyed most of all and am always grateful for the help I've received.

I hope you get sorted, feel better and hopefully stick with us on the forum.
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Gary C
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by Gary C »

PM for you Jay.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by Defender110 »

Just wanted to pop on and say good luck to you Jay, I fully concur with your rant. I used to so much enjoy this forum and it's regular contributions and was once called a dinosaur because I regularly contributed on it whilst reframing from doing so on Facebook. I was on Facebook for many years but got totally disillusioned with all the misinformation and keyboard warriors which I realised was causing me an underlying upset. I came to my senses and switched off my facebook account 18 months ago and haven't missed it in the slightest. It is just a great shame that it has had such a negative effect on this forum which used to be so enjoyable.

Good luck to you mate.

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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by bravo-x-ray »

I detest facebook for the reasons Jay and others have cited here, I am really sorry to hear of the hassle you are having. I also would like to wish you a speedy recovery from your back injury, I spent the first quarter of this year grinding my teath as I tried to work through a kneck injury involving a trapped nerve.
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barry badger
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by barry badger »

I too am starting to tire of running old cars, I'm running two at the moment , a 4x4 and a txd. The txd has recently dropped all of its lhm for the second time in 12 months, i dont feel i can trust its hydraulics long distance any more, the pipes for sale now are not the same quality as they used to be and are overpriced. Both cars need rustproofing, the txd in particular and i just dont have the time or the will. i'll carry on with them for the moment but i'm only doing general maintenance/ running repairs.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by Jaba »

I don't have any problem with parts quality, except for those dodgy front strut return pipes.
On the running old cars issue I only have one BX now to manage which takes the pressure off timewise if you want to keep using them regularly. I found running two up until last year left me too little time for other things in life.
So my BX/life balance is much improved.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by Tim Leech »

I feel your pain, I guess using an old car as a daily always runs the risk of it letting you down.

I guess I'm lucky as my Bx's have been ok.

I enjoy my cars for high days and holidays and use a modern for daily duties.
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Re: Cars and parts for sale.

Post by Safari »

Facebook market place :twisted:
Is it still available
Yes still available

Reply nothing! Why ask if you don’t want it?