BX GTI Hydraulic Drain Lines Disconnected

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BX GTI Hydraulic Drain Lines Disconnected

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Howdy BXers:

1. On my ’88 GTI, two pieces of clear plastic tubing near the hydraulic reservoir are not connected to anything. I traced the line in the first photo from the reservoir area down into a bundle of drainback lines along the front of the front crossmember, then separating from the two drains near the left front strut and down to the accumulator. What’s the purpose of this accumulator line and where does it connect to the reservoir or octopus?

The second photo shows another tube with a t-connector numbered TS6 - it’s the straight piece laying across the top of the reservoir. Where is this from?

2. The reservoir cap vent line is broken. In other BX photos, I’ve seen this vent line turn back along the wheel well towards the rear. Should the cap be replaced? Where might i source one? I don’t find an electrical connector for the reservoir level gauge - is that essential? Of course I can check the sight gauge regularly.

I have Haynes, shop manual (Ch 6), parts graphics, and the schematic of the hydraulic lines.

3. This import from the Netherlands was missing the ORGA number - not on door jamb, not on wheel well, not in any documentation. If I gave someone the VIN, could a UK Citroen dealer track that down?

4. After a couple years of cleaning and de-rusting, it’s almost ready to try starting. Being inert that long, should the cylinders be sprayed with WD-40 or some other product to add some top end lubricant before starting?

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