BX 4x4 / 4WD transmission shafts reproduction?

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BX 4x4 / 4WD transmission shafts reproduction?

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Since 2018 I am the owner of a 1991 BX GTI 4x4, that I imported from France.
When I first read up about the 4x4s , the recommendation was to stay away. No spare parts for the gear box and the rear axle were named as the main reasons. My car had only 84k km on the meter, but comments in a German Forum were like "my first gearbox repair was only after 30k km."

I believe the transmission shafts in the gear boxes are posing a more serious problem, than the rear axles. Recently I could buy all three gearboxes from a classified and took it apart. Relatively worn out in my opinion. (pictures somewhere in fb, but even I have difficulties finding them as I am not a big friend of fb...)

Anyway, I am in serious contact with a German company, that can reproduce the shafts from main gearbox into the distribution box on the 4x4. Want one or do you know somebody, whose BX is stranded because of these? The more people join in, the cheaper these parts will become. These are the culprits. Too weak in construction. I have sent the original parts over to the shop yesterday, so that they can evaluate potential improvements and give an estimation of the cost. I am asking people in Germany, UK and France and wonder if 10 sets will be needed. This is a private initiative, so I can only start this if enough people at least indicate interest.
Contact me please.
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