2 x BX for sale (spares/repairs) + lots of spare parts

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2 x BX for sale (spares/repairs) + lots of spare parts

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Hi guys,

I'm selling 2 BX on behalf of my grandad, he has had these for quite a while and intended to one day restore them, sadly he's feeling too old to do it now.
They are not roadworthy, but I'm sure they would be of use to people here, both are J reg, one estate TZD Turbo (red) which was fire damaged last year, but the interior only was damaged (seats only pretty much) it starts and runs fine, hydraulics still work, drivers side window is smashed due to the fire being extinguished.

second is a green saloon TZD Turbo, we did get it started with some help from a mechanic, but it wasn't easy, the engine would need a rebuild, but the hydraulics worked.

So, on to spares lol ...

theres 3 or 4 spare doors with a boot for an estate, spare dash, spare (refurbished as far as I know) steel wheels, spare lights, probably spare hydraulics, as well as far too many other things to mention... I think he said he has a refurbished engine block too, don't hold me to that tho! I'm thinking theres cambelts (new) filters (new)... its basically a treasure trove for BX owners!

update :
theres an engine block and head (the head looks like a recon)
the 5 doors and boot are red (estate)
Radiator (probably for the green one)
3 pairs of rear lights
3 pairs of headlights
3 dashboards
1 glovebox
1 steering wheel
air filters
random interior parts
random suspension parts

This is what I could see today, there will no doubt be more.

So the price... He wants £500 for both, including all the spare parts, collection only obviously. (in Coventry)

I'll get some pictures on here tonight at some point and I'll try to get more details about what spares there are tomorrow.


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Re: 2 x BX for sale (spares/repairs) + lots of spare parts

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Hi sorry spelling mistake I meant Citroen box’s I can’t get them collected ASAP
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Re: 2 x BX for sale (spares/repairs) + lots of spare parts

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Hi can you call me or respond to let me know if the bx’s are still for sale regards
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Re: 2 x BX for sale (spares/repairs) + lots of spare parts

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OK quick heads up on these, I was in Coventry last week so arranged a look, the green one is certainly savable, it's inner wings are starting to go, the axle mounts are showing signs of rust from the inside but how bad I couldn't tell as I couldn't get underneath it, the back ends of sills seem OK, the interior is complete and some of the stitching is letting go on the back seat, the offside front wing needs replacing, the base of the nearside b pillar is rusty but the sill is OK, the engine is not on the mounts, drivers door liner is off but in the car, mileage shows 205k, the dash has a split in it, the vendor assures me the engine is f*,, %&d but has an available block and what looks like a new head
The red one is not so good it really needs a Full interior seats, carpets, headlining, tho rust wise it's not too bad, usual inner wings, nearside bulkhead, the nearside rear quarter panel has a large rust hole in it the offside seems OK, again savable if you've got an interior, mileage 195k
Cars were last on road 2012/3 so any greenery growing on them comes as part of the deal.
I am not trying to sell these I'm merely passing info on which the vendor has ok'd
There are also a set of 6 solid steels which have been blasted and powder coated look like 5j rims
Worth a look if you want a project
Loads of spares
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