Repairing engine management plugs

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Repairing engine management plugs

Post by RobC »

Any hot tips for repairing this? Are replacement plugs available or should I just hack into the plastic with a Stanley knife and try to solder a repair..?
1991 Citroen BX 16v

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Re: Repairing engine management plugs

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Rob no need to attack those plugs with a Stanley knife as you can remove the contacts with a modified junior hacksaw blade. enabling a cable/contact repair or replace.
Each contact on those types of plugs are held in place by a very small latching tab when pushed into the plug casing from the cable side. You just need to depress the tab to remove.

Over the years I've made extractors to cover most types of push-in electrical plugs on the BX.
All from junior hacksaw blades.
Will post a few pics if it helps. You need to grind down one end of the blade, removing all the teeth, to a small type of spatula, 18mm long and 2mm wide, slightly round off the new tip.
Push in from the contact side, you should feel it jump/depress the tab, remove the extractor and pull on the cable. If the cable has come adrift, remove the extractor and try pushing the contact out. May take a few juggles to remove.
Before refitting the contact, gently raise the locking tab.

Hope this helps.