'89/F 19RD hatchback in silver £200 (Glasgow)

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'89/F 19RD hatchback in silver £200 (Glasgow)

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Had an email in regarding a silver 19RD hatch that has just become available. The message reads thus:
"I have an 89 BX19RD non-turbo F34OBC that has been off the road for a year or so. It has the usual BX rust problems but otherwise is in fair shape with an excellent interior if only I could find time to get it sorted. Some of the inner wings have been patched but the sills need serious work. The hydraulics all work just fine but the clutch does not have long to go at all. It has sat in my drive too long and the wife is making noises about calling the scrappy if I wont. I would prefer this car went to an enthusiast either as a project or a donor car. You will not find me too difficult to deal with. The car is on the southside of Glasgow in Giffnock and would need to be trailered away.
"Price wise I'd be very happy with £200. I paid £400 for it and it was insured for £2500 when it was on the road. Its time to draw a line on this one sadly. I have an MX-5 and an old E-plate 205 with a cage and seats that I need room to work on as track cars. I'd love to have time and money to sort the BX - or get a running Xantia or XM as a daily driver but that won't be this month..."
It's been suggested that this car has the Bosch diesel pump, though I've not seen the picture myself. Some top-secret detective work on Google has yielded these images, though I suspect it will look slightly worse for wear at the moment:

https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/ ... -481834267

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