How's that for a result?

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How's that for a result?

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Nice BX weekend - replaced Hydraflush with LHM (at last!), new spheres all round, bought new fuel pipe for fitting next week. Car rides like a magic carpet now, absolutely unrecognisable and I've fallen in love all over again.

During the week I scored a BX towbar on Fleabay for GBP5 (yes 5!!) only an hour from my place. Went to pick it up with SWMBO, and the vendor helped me fit it there and then! Then he said "I've got the roofrack as well, would you like that too?" and I got a free roofrack into the bargain!

Then a leisurely drive back, coffee and dessert at a country pub, walk around Tonbridge castle, car behaving beautifully, really a lovely weekend.


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Result mate! Ever so slightly different to my weekend, glad to hear someone`s had a successful time with their car!