The cheapest car's of our fleet to run!

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The cheapest car's of our fleet to run!

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Hi Guys,

Just thought that I would let you know that since I am accounts manager of my dad's video production and DVD duplication business I have to do a cost analysis on each of our fleet cars.
This is based on the use of the car including registration, insurance, repairs and petrol. We have four cars, one Renault Megane, one AX GT and two BX's. Please keep in mind that one kilometer is approximately 0.620 of a Mile.

All our figures are based on cost per kilometer.
Renault Megane $1.05 {£0.44} per kilometre (Based on 10,000kms over 12 months)

AX GT $0.55 {£0.23} per kilometre (Based on 15,000kms over 12 months)

BX 19TRI Estate $0.14 {£0.06} per kilometre! (Based on 15,000kms over 12 months)

BX 19TRI-122 Sedan $0.16 {£0.07} per kilometre (Based on 15,000kms over 12 months)

Have a look at the BX Estate!!! That includes 12 months of registration, insurance, repairs AND Petrol!
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

One of the many reasons why our company won't get rid of this fantastic car.

According to these calculations each BX is allowed approximately $2,000 {£835} of repairs and servicing per year to keep this cost analysis correct.

With that kind of money I am able to keep these two BX's in good shape.

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A look through the old editorial columns will show a breakdown of running costs over two years that one of our members carried out. All up, it was about 6 pence per km but that includes restoring the car and retrofitting a complete a/c system, which is rare on UK cars. It is a shame that people don't look afert them very well here when they are so economical to buy and run.

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These are very convincing arguments for keeping these cars going, and I have deployed them once or twice in discussion with SWMBO about household budgeting and cars.
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