Importing a RHD

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Importing a RHD

Post by Pcheaven »

Has anyone ever imported a RHD BX?

Curious about their experiences?


Sooopo many beautiful LHD gti’s available. Sooo few RHD ones. :(
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Re: Importing a RHD

Post by white exec »

DVLA website will have the procedures for importing into the UK.
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Re: Importing a RHD

Post by Kitch »

I re-imported a UK-spec AX GT a few years ago, which had been exported a decade or so previously. It was pretty pain-free, and I got the original plate back.
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Re: Importing a RHD

Post by Tim Leech »

I guess it depends where you are importing it from, as Kitch a say sit not too difficult and plenty of info online

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