Replacement coolant hoses

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Replacement coolant hoses

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When not possible to find a replacement/aftermarket hose, there are a good few companies who stock "universal" or "general purpose" hoses, covering straights, bends, reducers, etc.

One of these is MC (Metalcaucho), who are OEM manufacturers for many car marques.
They are also a major manufacturer of OEM/aftermarket coolant expansion tanks and suspension/steering bushes.
Metalcaucho = metal-rubber.

They have a huge online Catalogue ... om&lang=EN
where you can search by OE (or their own) part number, or by vehicle.

GP / Universal hoses
This information was got together for Club-XM in 2019...

Metalcaucho catalogue offers a large range of rubber/metal aftermarket/OEM items across many marques.
As well as OEM pattern hoses for specific vehicle applications, their catalogue also contains some very useful universal straight and angled hoses, hidden away in the misc section of the printed catalogue.

These straight (1m long) and 90deg-bend (generous length) items are available in many internal diameters (IDs), and this is the current listing of them:

90deg bend - ID
09618 - 20mm
09619 - 25mm
09620 - 30mm
09621 - 35mm
09622 - 40mm
09623 - 45mm
09624 - 50mm
09625 - 55mm
09626 - 60mm

1m straight - ID
09001 - 20mm
09002 - 25mm
09003 - 30mm
09004 - 35mm
09005 - 40mm
09006 - 45mm
09007 - 50mm
09008 - 55mm
09009 - 60mm
09010 - 65mm
09011 - 70mm
09012 - 75mm
09013 - 80mm
09014 - 32mm

The hoses are high-quality EPDM, reinforced.
They bend well without collapsing. The 90deg bend can be opened to a more gentle bend (eg 135deg) if needed.
I have used the 20mm ones on our 2.5 for heater hose runs across the engine bay.

Metalcaucho online catalogue (motor factors may have a printed one as well): ... om&lang=EN

Choose a marque, or click Catalogue
MC page for 09622 hose.JPG
Enter either an OEN part number, or their own number in Catalogue Search (eg those above).

These hoses might be useful in making up unobtainable shaped hoses for the cooling/induction system.
Am now looking for a useful range of Hose Joiners to anchor sections together. Suggestions welcome.

Metalcaucho (logo is MC) is a major rubber/steel manufacturer headquartered in Barcelona, but with products widely distributed across Europe and elsewhere, or for order direct. Their catalogue also contains a huge range of header/expansion tanks, but not for our 2.5, unfortunately.


Hope might be of use.