Rust repair question.

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Rust repair question.

Post by Pcheaven »

How easy / expensive is it to repair visible rust, one area noted as an advisory on mot in these 2 areas

1. Roof/top of A piller. Visible. Not noted on mot.
2. Offside Front Vehicle structure is corroded but structural rigidity is not significantly reduced Floor by subframe mount (6.1.1 (c) (i))

Just to clarify, this isn’t on my car, but a gti I am looking at. Just want to make sure I go into this eyes open. With the knowledge to understand what it’s going to cost me to get someone to rectify - properly!!

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Re: Rust repair question.

Post by Fumbler »

I presume they mean "in prescribed area" when they say "by subframe mount". This could mean it's anywhere between a few inches to a foot away. With enough luck, a patch let into the floorpan will fix that problem.

The A pillar one is a bit strange. It may warrant removal of the windscreen for repair if the rust has set in badly. Unfortunately this is also a structural component, hence why it was listed on the MoT. I can see this repair being the more expensive one of the two. Considering the top of the A pillar is going frilly, taking the front wing off that side may also be a good idea.
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Re: Rust repair question.

Post by Tim Leech »

Windscreen Pillars do rust, normally when a screen has been fitted and probably scraped paint off or the seal not working.

Normally requires the screen to come out, which can be very tricky without breaking as they are bonded in.

New screens are available from Pilkington when last checked but I would try and avoid major surgery if possible,
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Re: Rust repair question.

Post by rutter123 »

There are several areas of potential rust
Inner wings
Rear of sills inner and outer
Rear axle mounts
Boot floor
Rear exhaust hanger
Windscreen surround nd scuttle underneath screenwash res
A B C pillar bases
Front door hinges @ top A pillar
Rear inner wings/boot sides
Front subframes

If all these areas look OK then your on a winner.
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