Citroen Parts for sale (mainly GS/A and Dyane)

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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Citroen Parts for sale (mainly GS/A and Dyane)

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Sorry, but only 3 BX rear lights in amongst this lot! But if anyone is interested please get in touch. All used unless otherwise indicated as unused or new. Of course I'm open to reasonable offers. Everything will be available at the National and I will most likely be there on Saturday - look out for a grey BX GTi, J44JHR for which all proceeds will go to keep running...

Millers VSP Lead Substitute x3 £10.00 each

A-Series Parts

Dyane door trim strips (pair) £10.00

Dyane grill muffs x2 £5.00 each

Dyane plastic grill £20.00

Dyane plastic headlamp bezels x2 £5.00 each

Dyane rubber door straps (pair, one starting to crack) £5.00
Hub caps (no fixings) x 8 £5.00 each

Heat exchanger (unused, possibly part number 95548494) £50.00

Coil (untested) £1.00

Wipac oil filter (CA108) £1.00

Fan & (slightly rusty) hub £15.00

DS/ID/SM Parts

Rear Roller Bearing Metal Cap (pair, new, part number
5404563, one in original plastic bag, other has surface rust) £15.00

BX Parts

Rear lights (pair, untinted) £10.00

Rear light (nearside, possibly untinted) £5.00

C4 Parts

Water pump (used for c. 3000 miles) £5.00

GS/A Parts

GSA Speedo cable (new) July 1980 onwards £30.00

GSA speedometer (new) £75.00

Clutch cable (new) (part number QCC1226) £30.00

Sev Marchal distributor cap (new) £20.00

Unidentified S-shaped hydraulic pipe (new) £25.00

Unidentified right and left brackets (new)
(part numbers 5603272 & 5603273) £20.00

Exhaust Y-pipe, 5-speed (new) £45.00

Alloy wheel centre cap x1 £5.00

GSA small hub cap x1 £5.00

GSA fan belt or CX hydraulic pump belt (new but starting to perish?) Free

Oil filter (LS450A) £1.00

GS/GSA rear brake pads (new) Up to June 1981 £5.00

Cibie plastic foglight covers (pair) £20.00

GSA boot struts x 3 £5.00 each

Ducellier coils (untested) x2 £1.00 each

Fuel pump (untested) £10.00

Distributor (untested) £20.00

Weber carburettors x 2 £20.00 each

Brake disc rear (new but with some surface rust) 1 only £5.00
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