my very well used 1.9

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my very well used 1.9


Recently changed the clutch, hydraulic pump and various pipes and boots/gaiters, 2 new front tyres too. Interior lights have been changed with LEDs. Been driven half way across the country and even through a military training area. Added a new stereo and rear speakers as well as a underseat subwoofer :D
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Re: my very well used 1.9

Post by Tim Leech »

Nice to see it still around.
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Re: my very well used 1.9

Post by Kitch »

There was one down Devon/Cornwall way looking very sad, same spec as this (earlier rear lights, had wheeltrims missing) which was going for scrap the weekend just gone.

Wasn't this one, was it?
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Re: my very well used 1.9

Post by X88RED »

Very cool, glad it’s being used!
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