Turbo upgrade for Xud9

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Turbo upgrade for Xud9

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Hi. I have a Bx with a worn out xud7TE engine and a Bx with a good Xud9 engine. Will the turbo system from the xud7TE go on the xud9? Cheers.
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Re: Turbo upgrade for Xud9

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Yes. From factory there's two main differences: The pistons are cooled by oil jets spraying oil on their underside, and the head has reinforcements between valves so the head won't crack so easily. But will surely last 500000km compared to maybe 700000 as designed by Citroen.
And, this assumes you have the later XUD9 with plastic intake manifold. The ancient type with aluminium one is totally different. Of course you can swap the head so it will be fine then.
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