Replacing curly brake line

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Replacing curly brake line

Post by AGreenBX »

This has now arrived and planning on doing this shortly. Some sites mention a rubber seal that goes on the end between pipe and caliper. Chevronics Web site say this "may be needed".

1) Is this just a feature on earlier cars or on all BX models?
2) Is it possible to reuse the old seal if I need to?
3) Is it a case of seeing what is on the car currently?

Would rather get all parts required ready before starting the job!
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Re: Replacing curly brake line

Post by David »

1) Unfortunately, no, all BX vehicles use the rubber seal. They’re not like conventional vehicles, so there’s a rubber seal between the unions, it’s the same on the brakes & hydraulics.

2) As an official answer, no. The rubber seals degrade with time & after they’re squashed between the unions, so it’s best practice to replace them whenever they’re disturbed. Unofficially, if you’re willing to take the risk & know that they’re not that old (if recently replaced) then sometimes you can reuse them, but on old brakes, it’s really not recommended.

3) As above, no. The car will have seals. The question is what condition they’re in. Unless you know them to be new, then just replace them. Seriously, is your life worth less than some seals?

Hope that helps.
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