Looking at a Mk1 (1982 - 1986) Citroën BX

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Looking at a Mk1 (1982 - 1986) Citroën BX

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Hey all!
As you might know, I have a 1989 Mk2 BX. I love it to bits, however, I really want to experience a Mk1 BX (possibly inspired by Kitch and VEP). Back in the 80s and 90s, our family used to own two BXs. A 1984 BX 14 RE finished in a lovely burgundy colour was our first. It had a tan interior. After that, we got a 1991 BX 16 TZS finished in the same grey as my 16 TRS. That burgundy BX of ours has always been on my mind. Even though I have only ever seen it in old pictures, it holds an important place in my heart. Now, I'd love to relive some of the memories my family had in that car back in 80s and early 90s Yugoslavia. However, I must admit, I have gotten used to some of the mod cons offered by the higher spec variants, so I'd be looking for either a 16 or 19 TRS (or TRI, which I've recently been made aware of) Mk1 BX finished in burgundy with a tan interior. I'd also love to have the quite rare option of air conditioning (as summers in Croatia are becoming unlivable without it). I know some cars had it (there is a 19 TR...sorry, DTR for sale on the German site mobile.de which has air con), but I also know it was quite the rare option.

Now, since I'm half a continent away from most of you good folk here, there isn't much in the way of offers that you could send. However, I am writing this to gather some well needed advice with regards to picking up a Mk1 BX. What are some things to look out for? Are there any areas I should look over more carefully than on a Mk2? Excuse my naivety, but I have never seen a Mk1 BX in person, so I'm a bit in the dark with regards to what goes wrong on them.

Another thing. According to spec sheets, the difference between the 1.6 and 1.9 petrol engines is only about 10 to 15 horsepower. How do they compare in driving is what I'm curious about.

All discussion, experiences and other information with regards to Mk1 BXs is welcome here. I'd love to hear everyone's experiences!
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