What is this wire for?

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What is this wire for?

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Hello all.

I have recently bought a 1993 TZD (1769 TD) with the Lucas fuel pump. I have just replaced the stop solenoid as it failed. There is a spare wire/connector coming from the pump that isn’t attached to anything. I believe it comes from a device on the front of the pump which could be the advance solenoid?

Images I’ve found online show two wires going to the top of the stop solenoid and it looks like this unattached one should be go here given its length and no other obvious places it could go. I did attach it here but the wire smouldered when the ignition was turned on so it was quickly taken off. Can anyone shed any light on this? Attached is picture - the yellow arrow is the ? Advance solenoid and the red arrow shows the spare connector.