clean throttle valve

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clean throttle valve

Post by LouBX »

Hello everyone,

Today I bought some throttle valve spray to clean my throttle valve. Do any of you have any tips on the best way to proceed? Maybe there is already a post here in the forum? (I'm new here ;) ) I know that I have to remove the intake manifold, both the air filter and the throttle body. Should I also remove the hoses?

Thanks in advance for your answers!
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Re: clean throttle valve

Post by saintjamesy89 »

Hi LouBX, what is it that you mean by the throttle valve - are you referring to the carburettor? The two red arrows look like they point to the crankcase ventilation hose and within the circled area is the air filter box, carburettor and housing that connects those two.

If you wanted to clean the carburettor, just take the plastic part off of the top of the carb and air filter box and spray clean the inside with the engine running, you can also remove the crankcase breather hose and give that a clean.
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