BX 16 TGS Meteor - Baxter the barn find project in Scotland

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BX 16 TGS Meteor - Baxter the barn find project in Scotland

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Hi all

New round here, and new to Citroen ownership!
I found a listing for a barn find 1991 BX on Facebook marketplace and something about it caught my eye. Went to look at it, and was quite taken by him (yes it feels like a boy, not sure why).. Last taxed in 1999 and has been locked up in a garage since. Paintwork is quite scratched from having stuff stored on it, but the bodywork otherwise is mint. Only rust I can see on the outside is a pea sized spot on the windscreen surround, sills, arches, pillars, etc look mint.

Interior is timewarp.. there is barely a scratch on anything, seats are unworn and plush, all original glass.. it's stunning. Anyway, I bought the thing, got it moved over to the lockup and started looking around it more closely. The engine bay is a bit of a mess, with corrosion on the engine etc but i'm happiest working on those areas so quite pleased overall! I had a 205 GTI in the past, and worked on a lot of other Pug's with engine work and things like that so i'm familiar with the engines atleast!

The car came with no V5 and no keys, as the old fella who owned it passed away and the car was left in his lockup which was sold off - I purchased the car off the guy who bought the lockup. Luckily it was unlocked so I got in and took out a door lock - hopefully should have keys made up this week and I can investigate the areas needing attention some more! Electrically it works in some places (that I can try without keys) - hazards at the front work, headlights work, rear hazards just blink the brake lights! Mechanically the car seems pretty good, but I'm sure i will be here with questions on the suspension system as I get into it..

Anyway, here he is:
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-12 at 14.48.18_605549bc.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-12 at 14.48.17_32d0b44d.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-12 at 14.48.19_3079e49b.jpg
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Re: BX 16 TGS Meteor - Baxter the barn find project in Scotland

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That will keep you busy. Especially as its you first hydraulic Citroen. Looks pretty good from here.
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Re: BX 16 TGS Meteor - Baxter the barn find project in Scotland

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Welcome! check out our facebook page aswell,
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