Another MK1.... saved?

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Another MK1.... saved?

Post by DavidRutherford »

This BX is now on my driveway.


4 years of storage have not been particularly kind to this car.

The panelwork is rotting. Quite badly too, as at some point in the past someone has "undersealed" all of the lower panels, and then painted red over the top. So the corrosion has kindly taken hold under the underseal. The boot floor and the rear crossmember have also parted company.

Interior... under the seat covers is tatty... and it's got a rather odd pong too.....

Engine. Well, although the previous owner was under the impression that the valve stem oil seals had failed.... this engine (As with all early XUD's) doesn't have stem seals... so quite what's causing the smokescreen as you drive I'm not entirely sure. But it smokes... Boy does it smoke! Runs well though, even with a bit of a knock.

Front height corrector is siezed, so you have to reach under with a screwdriver and give it a prod if you want the front to rise.
Driveshaft intermediate bearing is completely knackered. Sounds awful
Accumulator is completely flat. Ticks every half second.
4 corner spheres are all very low.
Speedo doesn't work.
Tyres have plenty of tread, but the sidewalls are beginning to perish
Horn is dead.
Front wiper mechanism is completely worn out.
LHM is hissing out of both front struts.

So.... Your opinions please. It may well be a MK1, and hence getting rare now, but it's a low spec model, and will need a lot of work to get it roadworthy again. It's also had a pop-out glass sunroof fitted, which is a bit of a shame, as the car can never be original again. (and I don't like sunroofs!)

I think I just take all the MK1 specific parts off, and send the rest to the breakers, as it's really not worth the time and effort.
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Post by Ian_Fearn »

Got any pics David??
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Post by cavmad »

Might be an idea to sell off any bits you don`t need from it, at least that way it may help save another couple?
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