A list to one side

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Gareth Wales
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A list to one side

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I suspect that my BX lists to one side at times. Is this possible, given the equietaral system of suspension. Or am I always pissed

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ken newbold
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take more water with it. :lol:

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Post by jeremy »

Unless you have a Xantia Activa the hydraulics share a common feed at each end for left and right sides, and each end has an anti-roll bar which should stop it listing to one side.

So - unlikely unless there is a fault in the anti-roll bar and its connections to the suspension your car should sit level

Gareth Wales
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Post by Gareth Wales »

Many thanks Jeremy
Of course there could be a discrepancy. but I'll relax -- as much as we BXenniabs can /////////// but that's the deal :) :)

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Post by Vanny »

right, must get the camera out, my rear N/S corner sits giher than the rest of the car and it always appear to 'list' to one side, i DO suspec tthe ARB after bolts fell out!

Gareth, you may not be alone!

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Post by Oscar »

I've had a list to one side in the past. Can't remember what cured it - it might have been new (to me) alloys, or I lubed up the height corrector.

It was after I replaced the spheres, I remember. I was worried that I had damaged a rear strut after hammering at the sphere.

Seems all right now though.
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This can often be the result of a binding front strut.