BX 16Valve bumper on TZI

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BX 16Valve bumper on TZI

Post by m_2975 »

Hi Guys,

Just wanting a little input.
I'm gearing up to get my bumpers and brand new rear spoiler painted.
The bumpers are all dented, cracked and they look really tatty.

I'm thinking of putting on a Phase2 BX 16Valve front bumper on it. Does anyone know if it will actually fit? If someone has done it and not put on the side skirts I would like to have a look and see what it's like.

Unfortunately I don't have a 16V bumper to have a look at.
I am looking at buying a brand new bumper here from our parts importer. Dont really want to spend AU$900 for it not to fit!

Another piece of input that i'd like is about how I should repaint my bootlid as it's in need of a bit of bog (has the corner broken) and paint.
The factory paint is that the number plate section is body colour and the little lip where the rear wiper arm is recessed into is black. I have seen that on cars with the spoiler that this is body colour. Is this so?

Should I paint the lip body colour and should I paint the number plate panel Matte Black like the 16V?

My final question is about the 16V rear bumper.....Does it too fit on a TZI as I don't have the side skirts?

Haven't decided about the skirts as I can't buy them here.

Thanks guys. I have a few other unrelated questions so i'll make another post.

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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Should fit, fittings are the same as far as I am aware.

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Post by Cornishbx16v »

yeah second that! should slot staright on!

After all I AM CORNISH!!!!


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If it's any help, I have seen a BX with spoiler/lip and number plate panel all in the same body colour (it was light blue). Looked quite 'modern' I thought - a bit less 'fussy'. I still don't know what the 'rule' is regarding black number plate panels...
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Post by Kitch »

It'll bolt straight on
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