Technique passed to me by a citroen Mechanic

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Technique passed to me by a citroen Mechanic

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Hi all thought i would pass this on after talking to a mechanic, Right all those glued on pannels on the bx especially the smoked windows on the c pillar are easy to remove without breaking so i had to ask how the responce is as follows. :?
Take a length of Mig welding wire and feed it all the way round the pannel and pull it tight against the glue then take a 12V car battery and connect each end to the battery for a few seconds while carefully pulling the wire like a cheese wire then disconect and let cool for a few seconds then repeat the process keep doing this till you have cut through all the glue and there you have one panel removed without breaking. :shock:

The mechanic i spoke to has removed tons of glued on panels this way with no problems. :D
If anyone uses this technique let me know how it works with pictures if possible.
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Post by Kitch »

What a great idea!
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any fansd of scrap heap challenge would have seen hot wire cutting a fair few times!

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Post by Toddman »

I give that the thumbs up 8)
Thanks for sharing Aaron

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