Window Runner Repair

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Window Runner Repair

Post by Brian »

Hi Folks,

Does any one know when they changed fron the extruded aluminium section to the formed hardened metal for the BX window runners?...

My 1986 one is ali, and my 1992 is hardened metal.
So some where in between it changed...

The hardened metal ones rust away if not waxoiled or similar at intervals.

It is also quite difficult the make up a suitable profile, and it does not weld very well to the hardened metal..

I used some galvasnised sheet for the repair, one more still to do, Ho Humm !!!...

Any way, here is a picture of my repair to a rear side vindow of my Visa,
may be of some help.

Has any other member performed this task ?.



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Post by Jaba »

Impressive repair. I pulled a front window from a Hurricane first registered 280106 recently. It has an ally runner.
In fact I have never seen a steel runner. So from this it may be possible to say that the change occurred in 1992.
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Post by Vanny »

wow they where still making BX's upto January of this year, i SOOOOOO want one of them!

tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Me too I will have a 16v in Triton with leather and aircon please! :D

Stewart (oily!)
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

The only one I recall seeing was a rear window runner on my MK1, that was an alloy one.
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st gilles

Post by st gilles »

the window on my '90 lhd tzd dropped out while attempting to leave a car park having opened the window so swmbo could pay the machine (LHD) it refused to come up whilst making some horrible noises....grating etc. Came home with much complaining re window open and after a lot of sodding about discovered the problem and went to main dealer for a one produced and fitted albeit with a bit of force and fear of breaking the window but at least it won't do it again (fingers crossed) well at least not that side.

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Post by DLM »

My driver's door window runner is on the scavenge list - it's quietly turning orange, while the window it's now failing to hold rattles not-so-quietly more and more.
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